Datscan - People Counter System - (For Indoor use only)

Wireless data logging system for public facility & event monitoring. (For Indoor use only)

Qtech’s People Counting Datscan System is a dedicated and fully integrated wireless people counting and data logging system.

The system is the perfect solution for all people counting applications such as public facility usage and trend analysis.


Count people/vehicle movements into and out of parks and gardens

Green space venues, cycle ways, sports complexes

Optimize day to day management of sites

Adapt infrastructure to community needs

Monitor seasonal variations and plan maintenance priorities

Provide meaningful data for production managers or vendors for any function

The Datscan system comprises:

Data Logger – Vandal resist steel enclosure, Battery powered with PIR sensor and low power RF communications
Datscan EP3 Data Manager – Battery powered touch screen data receiver with SD card
Datscan Analyser PC software – Analyse, measure and graph the logged data

The logged data is periodically retrieved over a wireless link to the EP3 & stored on SD card.
The data can be exported from the EP3 Data Manager in CSV format for processing or analysed & graphed directly with the Analyser software.

Key features include:
Low power consumption providing battery life of up to 12 months
Wireless RF data transfer from Data Logger to EP3 Data Manager
Vandal resistant heavy gauge steel enclosure with stainless steel fixings
Ability to integrate data into spread sheet reports
Easy system expansion & configuration – Up to 999 loggers can be used in a system

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