With the ever increasing focus on the protection and care of our most valuable resource, clean water, many local authorities have taken on the responsibility of monitoring and managing this resource. In many cases, it has become a prime focus of the Local/Regional Authority to collect data from all users, particularly those users who place high demands on this resource, including the rural sector. To that end, they have deemed it necessary to require that rural users comply to the local water usage regulations and/or resource consents.

For some users, water entitlement may vary from day to day. These users must be able to react and comply with these changing allocations. For those users affected, it has become necessary to employ a means of monitoring and managing the amount of water taken on a daily basis and to provide this information to the Local/Regional Authority as required. The AFM System removes the burden from the users of having to provide this accurate and timely information to the Local /Regional authority.

QTech Data Systems in New Zealand have looked at the various options available to capture this information so that it is available to the end user, as well as to the relevant local authority. Where a user may want to simply collect the information from the pump or irrigator site and send it to the appropriate local authority via the internet, can be seen in the diagram below:

AFM - Layout-593x326p.jpg

In this example, the data is sent from the user site to the QTech Data Systems server, where it is formatted and forwarded to the local authority.
This solution also allows for usage information to be sent to the user as requested.

QTech Data Systems also offer alternate “wireless control systems” which are perfect for use in this industry. The QTech Data Systems WP2P (Wireless Point to Point) is a radio alternative to a six core cable and is widely used in this industry.

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