Q48 Point To Point System (Q48-P2P)

The Q48 Point to Point (Q48-P2P) is a multiple input – multiple output wireless control system.
Each of the Q48-P2P modules has eight switched inputs, eight solid-state outputs, two 4-20mA inputs, and two 4-20mA outputs which allows you to transmit analogue and digital signals over a range of up to 4km.

8 Digital & 2 Analogue I/O, wireless remote control solution
The Q48 Wireless Point to Point (Q48 WP2P) system provides a remote control solution Monitoring up to eight digital switches and two analogue sensors. As well as controlling up to 8 digital relays and two analogue outputs per Q48 module.
Each Q48 WP2P system comprises a pair of Q48 wireless modules that are preprogrammed with a unique common communication address, thus allowing for multiple Q48 WP2P systems to be used within the same general location.

This system can be considered as a multicore cable replacement option, without the hassle of trenching and installation.

There is no configuration or setup required, simply connect the I/O and DC power and go.


  • Inputs/Outputs: 8 Digital Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs, 2 Analogue Inputs, 2 Analogue Outputs
  • Simple set up, no programming or configuration required
  • Operational Range: Up to 500m with the supplied antennas, 6km with optional antennas (ranges are line of sight).
  • State of the art digital radio using 900MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology
  • Power Supply – 12 – 30V DC

Application Examples

These are just some of the many ways the Q48 WP2P systems can be used:

  • Dairy Farm Backing Gate Control
  • Irrigation System Control
  • Industrial I/O Expansion

Q48 P2P Applications

This is not an exhaustive list so please contact us if there is a specific application you have in mind.


  • Frequency 921.5MHz to 928.0MHz
  • RF Output 250mW
  • Antenna connector SMA
  • Dimensions L 189 x W 123 x D 42 mm
  • Enclosure Steel, powder coated
  • Power connector 3 way screw terminal Supply Voltage
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Current Consumption 85mA nominal @ 12V DC
  • Power Supply 12 – 24V DC (max 30V DC)

Ordering Details

  • Product Code: PD8630 (Supplied as a Matched Pair)

Note: Antennas and power supplies are supplied separately. 

Please refer to our website for further product information and optional accessories.

Product Downloads

Q48 Point to Point System Datasheet

Quick Start Guide Q48 P2P v1.5