Q80 Telemetry Low Power Radio

The DATRAN Q80 Telemetry Radio is the ideal choice for low power telemetry applications.
It is based on the popular Maxon®Synthesised 5 Watt Data Radio Module. Low power use is easily selected, simplifying radio management compliance. The module is compact and housed inside a standard DATRAN housing,  simplifying the installation while improving its overall appearance. The Q80 is available in three frequency bands covering VHF and UHF.

Key Features

  • Internal Casing – Cast Alloy providing excellent RF Shielding
  • Channel Spacing – 12.5kHz or 25kHz Programmable Per Channel
  • Frequency Source – Precision internal Synthesiser
  • Frequency Bands – V2 VHF 148-174MHz,  U1 UHF 400-430MHz and U2 UHF 450-470MHz
  • Antenna Connection – BNC, 50W Unbalanced
  • Power Output – Programmable between 0.5 to 5 watts, in 8 steps per channel
  • Remote on/off – Power on/off can be controlled from the DATRAN II eXcel RTU
  • Power Supply – 12V DC (7.5 to 16V Acceptable)
  • Current Consumption – Stand-by 80mA, Transmit 1.2A @5W RF power, Receive 100mA
  • Data Interface – Standard 6-Pin DIN DATRAN Comms Connector
  • Weight 440g

Ordering Details

  • Product code PD9110

Please advise frequency requirement details


  • VHF 148 – 174MHz
  • UHF 400 – 430MHz
  • UHF 440 – 470MHz
  • UHF 470 – 490MHz

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Q80 – Manual v1.04