The DATRAN XL4 DNP3 RTU is a fully featured Remote Telemetry Unit based on a powerful Q04 processor platform and is among the most compact, cost effective and full featured DNP3 RTUs now available. It is the perfect choice for integrating into your existing DNP3 network or providing the monitoring and control solution for any new DNP3 SCADA system.

The XL4 DNP3 RTU is also a powerful industrial controller that can be programmed in ladder logic to perform PLC type control functions.

Multiple communication options are provided by the on-board inclusions of an Ethernet port, a RS485 port and two RS232 ports.

The XL4 DNP3 RTU I/O is easily expanded by connecting additional DATRAN Expansion modules through the high speed, high performance RS485 port.

Key Features

  • Internationally renowned DNP3 slave source code
  • Q04 Processor – Powered by a 32 bit 72MHz ARM7 processor, 4MB of flash memory, 16MB RAM
  • Ethernet – UTP 10/100 Mb/s port with 1.5kV isolation, allowing simple integration to LAN/WAN
  • Serial Ports – Two RS232 ports for integration/communication options
  • Intelligent Peripheral Bus – RS485 port for high speed inter-module communication
  • USB Configuration – USB port for Workbench configuration software
  • 12V DC to 24V DC Supply with built in supply voltage monitoring
  • 8 Digital Inputs – expandable with I/O expansion modules
  • 8 Digital Outputs – expandable with I/O expansion modules
  • 6 Analogues – 2 configurable as outputs – expandable with I/O expansion modules
  • LED indication of I/O status

Ordering Details

Product Code: PD7401-DNP3

Please refer to our website for further product information and optional accessories.


DATRAN eXcel drawing

Datran_XL4_DNP3_RTU Datasheet

DATRAN XL4 RTU – Quick Start Guide v1.1

DATRAN XL4 RTU – Owners Manual v1.1