SMS Lite - generator remote start web

The QTech SMS Lite controller can be used to remotely control and monitor your generator via text messages over the 4G cellular networks.

Starting your generator is now as simple as sending a text.

There are many different types of generators available, but you need to ensure that yours has a suitable electrical interface for remote starting.

Remote start kits provide the electrical interface to the necessary start button, kill switch, choke control, glow plugs etc. They can be a factory fitted option or an aftermarket accessory.

The QTech SMS Lite controller then operates the remote start kit using its relay outputs.

The SMS Lite has two relay outputs and four switched inputs making it ideal for basic monitoring and control applications. Alternatively, the SMS Controller (SMSC) has eight switched inputs and eight switched outputs and is programmable to give more sophisticated control options for several generators.

SMS Lite – Relay Output Options

The SMS Lite relay outputs can be turned on, off, pulsed for 1 second or pulsed for a configurable time. This is useful as the generator’s remote start interface may need an activation signal for several seconds before operating.

SMS Lite – Input Switch Debouncing

Input switch debouncing is also a good idea and will prevent false alarms and help reduce the quantity of SMS/texts sent. Debouncing is configurable, it’s a global setting so applies to all four inputs.

Low Voltage Warning

The SMS Lite automatically sends you a text message if the supply voltage drops to 10.5V DC. When voltage increases to 11.5V DC a confirmation text will also be sent.

Fuses and Relays

Remember to install suitable fuses in the interface wiring.

A DC supply isolator switch for the SMS Lite should be installed if the device will be unused for extended periods or powered from the generator’s starter battery.

We recommend installing interface relays on the output side of the SMS Lite controller. This assists future serviceability and allows high current/voltage operation. The SMS Lite relays are rated at a maximum of 2A at 32V DC only.

For more information on interface relays please contact us or click here.

For further details, please refer to the user manual or download the application note

Please get in touch to discuss your application.

The 4G SMS Lite from QTech is the first choice for SMS Generator Control.

SMS Lite - generator remote start web