SMS Lite Animal welfare monitoring

Monitoring the mains electricity supply, ventilation status and temperature are crucial in large scale poultry facilities.

The SMS Lite is the ideal option for sending alarms via text message if the power, ventilation or temperature monitoring sensors are activated.

SMS Animal welfare monitoring

This Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry publication

defines requirements and changes that need to be implemented by 2025.

It includes animal welfare monitoring requirements such as:

  • Automatic alarm systems to warn immediately of ventilation failure
  • Back-up power
  • The ability to detect if the shed temperature is too high or too low and if there is a
    power failure in any power supply phase
  • Appropriate settings so that alarms are easily heard
  • All-hours response availability‚Ķ

The SMS Lite is the solution for animal welfare monitoring by text message

Effective monitoring of power, ventilation and temperature helps prevent tragic damage to the animals, the associated financial losses and the potential fines that would be incurred.

The incoming mains voltage can be monitored with a phase failure relay with an auxiliary alarm contact. This normally open alarm contact is wired into an SMS Lite input.

The temperature sensor is typically an electronic meter with an alarm contact which is mounted in the electrical cabinet. However, even a mechanical thermostat that closes dry contracts at the configured temperature level, could also be used.

By using a small UPS, such as the PowerShield PSDCMin12/18, the SMS Lite will remain operational for several hours during a power outage. This allows the fault situation to be monitored while corrective actions are taken to ensure animal welfare is maintained.

The SMS Lite has a supply voltage monitoring feature which automatically sends a text message when it is low. The voltage can also be checked at any time with a simple “STATUS” text message to the SMS Lite.

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