Recently we were approached by Think Water who were experiencing issues with an existing orchard irrigation controller. The system had become unreliable and they needed a solution which would allow them to control 9 irrigation valves in an orchard.

The site had power available at the control shed but none at the valves. Each valve ranged from 300 to 700 metres away from the shed containing the irrigation control and although the terrain was flat, the antennas needed to be elevated above trees to achieve line of site.

Taking in the above considerations, we were able to resolve the orchards problem by creating a custom orchard irrigation controller solution using:

Two Multipoint Controllers

Four WP2P radios

Nine Latching solenoid interfaces

Four RSS01 Solar Stations

Since there was no power at the valves, each WP2P radio was housed in our made to order solar station (RSS01). The enclosure also included a latching solenoid interface module for the control of the valves.

The below diagram shows the application and highlights the QTech products used in the system. The maximum number of valves the Multipoint Controller can control is 8 but since the customer needed 9, we used two and split the inputs. The orchard can add control of up to 7 more valves if required in the future.

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