SMS Controller SMS Text alarms

What can send SMS text alarms with the 4G SMS Lite and SMS Controller?

A new customer asked this recently by so we decided to provide a summary of popular alarm examples.

In short, virtually anything can send an alarm with our SMS Lite and SMS Controllers – all we need is a switch or contact closure from the device to be monitored.

Please click on the titles below for more information:

Fire Alarm Systems

System activated, system fault, mains power fail

Intruder Alarm Systems

Door open, intruder detected, panel door open, keypad in use, mains power fail

Pig and Poultry Farms

High temperature warning, ventilation fault, mains power fail

Bilge Pumps

Water level detected, bilge pump running, bilge pump fault

Generator (Genset)

Low fuel alarm, oil level warning, High temperature warning, mains power fail

Generator remote start

Crane Aircraft Warning Lights

System status, power supply fault, crane is moving

Flood Mitigation

Water level detected, mains power lost

Cold Room (Cool Store)

Fridge fault, compressor failure, temperature warning, mains power fail

Centre Pivot irrigation

Phase fail, electrical fault, irrigation has stopped, alignment fault, low water pressure

Pump fault

Phase failure, over temperature fault, VSD fault

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

Mains power unavailable, UPS activated, high temperature warning

Sport Field Lighting & LED lighting upgrades

Mains power fail, LED lighting fault, control cabinet is open

LED Sports field lighting

Sending SMS text alarms is simple with the SMS Lite and SMS Controllers from DATRAN Australia.

And remember the 3G cellular networks are closing down – all our controllers are 4G.

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