Remote Solar Stations

QTech’s Remote Solar Stations are versatile, environmentally protected, solar powered housings suitable for a variety of QTech wireless products. The rugged enclosure is designed for use in both urban and rural locations that lack access to mains power systems.

The solar panel and battery capacity have been selected and optimised to provide (typically) 10 days of standby operation with QTech radio products.

The Remote Solar Stations are available in two models, RSS01 and RSS02. Please select the appropriate model that suits your product and application.

RSS01. Ideal for use with the QTech Digital WP2P, WP2P Repeater, the WP2P Slave Module, or SMS-Lite.

RSS02. Ideal for the Q48 Multi Point Controller, 4G SMS Controller, and each module of the Q48 Point to Point System.

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