Bilge pump monitoring SMS Lite

When away from your boat, how do you know if the automatic bilge pump has started or if the water level is rising?

The QTech SMS Lite 4G controller helps provide a bilge pump monitoring solution.

The SMS Lite can monitor if the bilge pump is running and if the water level sensor has been activated and sends SMS/text messages to you or others.

The text messages from the SMS Lite will give you an early warning that further action maybe required.

The SMS Lite has four inputs and two outputs – all of which can be utilised to provide a flexible solution for boating needs.

  • Security – add a door switch or sensor and receive a text if anyone boards or enters the cabin.
  • Shore power supply – monitor the supply and receive a text if the power is disconnected.
  • Battery monitoring – the SMS Lite automatically sends a text message if it’s supply voltage drops below 10.5V DC. Alternatively you can add a voltage sensing switch to your supply to know if the battery is draining, or someone has forgotten to switch the isolator off.
  • Remote bilge pump start – if your bilge pump isn’t automatic, then send a text to start it if water level is detected.
  • Float switch – receive a text when the bilge float switch detects rising water.

The bilge pump is a crucial system for all vessels, but is easily forgotten about until an emergency strikes. Please take this opportunity to ensure it is clean, clear of debris and is well maintained.

The SMS Lite has also been used to remotely switch on jetty lighting – not only is this a navigation aid when it is dark but improves safety – all achieved by simply sending a text message.

After mooring, wouldn’t it then be nice to return home and the heating or lighting was already on for you. By installing another SMS Lite a home, you can achieve this and more.

Please contact DATRAN Australia now for more details on bilge pump monitoring with the SMS Lite.

Or click here for further details on wiring and interfacing to the SMS Lite.