Solar SMS control of pumps and Ponds

Experts in Irrigation Telemetry, Remote Monitoring and Data Recording.

DATRAN Australia Pty Ltd was formed to actively supply, promote and implement the DATRAN™ range of tried and proven telemetry products into the Australian and surrounding markets.

We are working alongside QTech Data Systems Ltd, a longstanding, privately owned New Zealand company, with over 30 years experience in telemetry, control and data acquisition systems, built with the level of durability and reliability expected in large scale urban and rural utilities infrastructure.

QTech Data Systems reference telemetry systems that were installed over 25 years ago and continue to run reliably today.

DATRAN™ systems are also referenced to current Australian users who continue to seamlessly integrate their early 1st and 2nd generation DATRAN™ RTUs with the latest DATRAN™ XL4 Plus range of RTUs.

QTech Data Systems Ltd has expanded their product range with ISM band low power 900MHz wireless point to point devices and a range of 4G/3G cellular products.

The wireless and cellular products compliment the RTU, DNP3 and SCADA packages by providing simple ON/OFF monitoring and control. As well as mid level programmable logic monitoring and auto control, remote solutions.

Together DATRAN Australia Pty Ltd and QTech Data Systems Ltd are committed to designing robust and reliable systems and providing high levels of tailored service in order to achieve our client’s objectives and requirements. 

DA Our People

Our Core competencies are:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Telemetry
  • Hardware & Software Design
  • Project Engineering


We welcome your contact as the first step to fulfil this commitment and becoming your experts in Irrigation Telemetry, Remote Monitoring and Data Recording..

Feedback and Comments

At DATRAN Australia we pride ourselves on providing the complete end to end solution.  From our New Zealand designed hardware and software to our friendly Kiwi technical support team, we all care about what you think.

Your feedback is important to us.  If you have any compliments, suggestions or a complaint about our products, services or staff, or you simply want to share your experience with DATRAN Australia, please contact us.

We’re always interested in improving our services, and every comment submitted will be carefully read and treated with confidentiality where requested.

Thank you from the DATRAN Australia team for taking the time to provide your feedback.  It is greatly appreciated!