House alarm monitoring - SMS Lite

Home security is increasingly important – your house alarm monitoring can be sent directly to your phone with our SMS based solution.

Do you have a house alarm system but it doesn’t provide you with alerts when you are away?

Can existing alarm systems be configured to send SMS/text messages?

Is there an alternative to paying a subscription to an alarm monitoring service?

The QTech SMS Lite provides a solution to all of these questions and provides house alarm monitoring by SMS text message.

The SMS Lite is a quality, low-cost option for existing alarm systems, and it can be retro fitted to many models of alarm panel.

SMS Lite

The SMS Lite has three switched inputs which are wired to the relay outputs of the alarm panel.

The function of the alarm panel relays are usually programmable for conditions including “alarm has been triggered”, “mains power loss”, “tamper detection/panel open” and “keypad is in” use etc.

The SMS Lite is simple to configure, sends text messages on the 4G network and is secured with a PIN to prevent unauthorised users. The SMS Lite has a sophisticated escalation sequence to ensure someone acknowledges the alarm in a timely manner, maybe even a neighbour of family member.

The SMS Lite inputs also have a programmable “debounce” time to help prevent nuisance messages being sent, when activated.

There are many other applications where the SMS Lite can provide remote monitoring and control via SMS messages. Some of the most popular include remote generator control, heating/HVAC control and bilge pump/jetty lighting.

Alternatively, the wireless point to point systems can be used to transmit the relay signal over a distance of several kilometres. This allows you to bring many status signals to a central location or control room to improve site security for remote buildings etc.

WP2P Repeater

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