SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software

The DATRAN VI SCADA software is a powerful and modular SCADA system.

DATRAN Australia works alongside QTech Data Systems products, which have been providing fully comprehensive telemetry solutions to the Water and Waste water management industry for over thirty years.
QTech Data Systems produce the DATRAN Hardware, Software and Communications products which have been field proven throughout both Australia and New Zealand.
The DATRAN solutions include state of the art remote management and control systems that are functionally sophisticated while remaining very straightforward for the end user.
The DATRAN range of telemetry hardware and software enables the remote monitoring and control of equipment such as electrical substation switch gear, circuit breakers, fault protection equipment, water supply pumps, sluice gates, cool stores, building & environment management, process machinery, etc.
This ability for DATRAN to adapt and adjust to new technology and indeed, changing environmental compliance regulations, can be accommodated quickly and easily by the DATRAN system.

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