Fire Alarm Monitoring 4G SMS Lite

The SMS Lite is used for commercial fire alarm system monitoring.

Defend Fire group is an Australian company specialising in all types of fire alarm monitoring, fire detection and suppression systems. Many of their systems are installed in the remote rural communities of Darwin, Alice Springs and Adelaide.

Having a reliable and proven messaging capability is crucial for these applications – it provides advance warnings, power supply monitoring and reduces travel times and costs. The SMS Lite has four inputs and two relay outputs to give maximum flexibility to monitor status and operate remote equipment via your phone.

The function of the relays in the alarm panel is usually programmable for conditions including alarm has been triggered, mains power loss, tamper detection/panel open etc.

The SMS Lite is configured by text messages and secured with a unique PIN.

The SMS Lite inputs have a programmable “debounce” time to help prevent nuisance messages being sent, when activated.

With the 3G cellular networks closing, and the 4G networks being available in many rural locations, the 4G SMS Lite should be the first choice messaging system.

Please remember, the old 3G cellular networks are closing – some have already closed.

Any existing monitoring devices on that network need to be replaced now.

House alarm monitoring - SMS Lite

This previous post also outlines the SMS Lite being used for home security system monitoring.

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If you are looking for Fire Systems Experts anywhere near Adelaide, Darwin or Alice Springs, go to:

Defend Fire have offices located in Adelaide, Darwin and Alice Springs supporting operations throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory. Defend Fire are experts in all aspects of fire systems and equipment. Their services include installation, maintenance, inspection & testing and repair of commercial fire protection equipment and the team adheres to Australian Standards.