DATRAN Telemetry hardware is an extensive range of quality, modular products that provides a complete solution, whilst being easily expandable to cater for future requirements.

The DATRAN™ RTU’s may be used standalone for monitoring and control, RTU to RTU (known as Point to Point) for monitoring and control or as a wide area monitoring and control solution whereby a number of RTU’s remotely installed communicate with a PC base station. The RTU’s communicate either via direct line, radio, cellular modem, ethernet and digital radio.
The latest generation product supports IP based connectivity and SMS messaging across GSM, 3G and 4G cellular networks. These enhancements and features have been developed upon a proven core product with a solid dependable domestic market. This provides a platform for Datran Australia and any new business technology partners to grow as they exploit new technology.
DATRAN Australia provides a range of services to support the QTech Data Systems range of products. In most instances the physical installation of the RTU equipment is carried out by a local electrical contractor or integrator, the physical field interfacing into electrical controls and field devices is handled at this level. In many of our relationships DATRAN Australia is called upon to complete site commissioning, base station configuration and support.

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