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DATRAN Australia

DATRAN Australia has over thirty years experience providing remote monitoring and control solutions for utilities, local governments, irrigation, agriculture and many other industries.

Local Governments in Australia and New Zealand rely on our industrial grade telemetry hardware and SCADA solutions to provide reliable monitoring and alarm management for their critical infrastructure.

Utilising low power wireless and cellular technology, DATRAN Australia has solutions for both large and small applications. DATRAN Australia provides solutions for the remote monitoring and control of irrigation systems and can be used for any application requiring remote management.

Talk to DATRAN Australia today about your remote monitoring and management requirements. Let us help tailor the perfect solution for you.

DATRAN Australia

Posts and Projects

Wireless traffic control
Wireless Traffic Control

DATRAN Australia helps provide a wireless traffic control solution. We were recently involved in a project with AGD Systems Pty, a leading provider of traffic signals and transport systems. The requirement was to provide a traffic control system to operate traffic lights, along a driveway over 150m long. The driveway was narrow, had a blind […]

DATRAN Australia Newsletter
Latest Newsletter

Features include: Bilge Pump monitoring, Greyhound track control, solutions for challenging terrain Click here for more detailed information.

WP2P Repeater
Wireless Repeater for WP2P

The wireless repeater allows you to extend the range of QTech Wireless Point to Point WP2P control systems. This short video provides an introduction to the repeater and it’s uses. The repeater enables WP2P systems to cover a far greater distance or to operate in locations with obstructions such as hills, vegetation or buildings. The […]

Orchard irrigation controller using wireless radio point to point system
Orchard Irrigation

Recently we were approached by Think Water who were experiencing issues with an existing orchard irrigation controller. The system had become unreliable and they needed a solution which would allow them to control 9 irrigation valves in an orchard. The site had power available at the control shed but none at the valves. Each valve […]