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DATRAN Australia

DATRAN Australia has over thirty years experience providing remote monitoring and control solutions for utilities, local governments, irrigation, agriculture and many other industries.

Using our low power digital radio and cellular technology, we have solutions for both large and small applications. DATRAN Australia provides solutions for the remote monitoring and control of irrigation systems and any application requiring remote management.

Councils in Australia and New Zealand also rely on our industrial grade telemetry and SCADA solutions to provide monitoring and alarm management for their critical infrastructure.

Talk to DATRAN Australia today about your remote monitoring and management requirements. Let us help tailor the perfect solution for you.

DATRAN Australia

Latest Posts and Projects

Crane aviation obstruction lights
Crane Aviation Obstruction Lights

Aviation obstruction lights, or “aircraft warning lights” are vital warning devices. They help pilots avoid tall obstacles such as cranes, particularly when visibility is reduced or during the night. Tall construction cranes encroaching into controlled airspace is a serious business and strict rules apply. Knowing that the aviation obstruction lights are both running and the power supply is […]

LED lighting upgrades - remote control
LED Lighting Upgrades

LED lighting upgrades for sports fields are becoming more popular. Our low power wireless controllers are ideal for remote control of these LED lights. LED lighting has multiple benefits over incandescent lighting, including lower energy consumption (lower power costs) and longer life expectancy. Importantly, many of the modern LED lighting fixtures are modular and allow […]

TLM Water Tank level monitor
Water Tank Level Monitoring

Water tank level monitoring made easy. The TLM is a solar powered IoT system using low power LoRa radio communication. Our web-based dashboard technology provides you with tank level information and alerts for both critical water levels or significant rates of change. The system doesn’t need cellular coverage and the robust antenna helps gives a […]

Farm backing gate controls
Farm Backing Gate Control

Backing gates are slow moving motorised barriers that control the dairy herd movement into milking platforms. The motor drive units used are often water powered devices. Using water removes the need for long cable runs and the water also helps with the yard clean up. A recent enquiry needed to add remote valve control to […]