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DATRAN Australia

DATRAN Australia is built on over thirty years experience providing remote monitoring and control solutions for utilities, local and national Governments, irrigation, agriculture and many other industries.

Local Governments in Australia and New Zealand rely on our industrial grade telemetry hardware and SCADA solutions to provide reliable monitoring and alarm management for their critical infrastructure.

DATRAN Australia has agricultural solutions for both large and small applications. Utilising low power wireless and cellular technology, DATRAN Australia provides solutions for the remote monitoring and control of irrigation systems and can be used for any application requiring remote management.

Talk to DATRAN Australia today about your remote monitoring and management requirements. Let us help tailor the perfect solution for you.

DATRAN Australia

Posts and Projects

Rugby field lighting WP2P
Remote Control Sports Lighting

QTech Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) modules can be used to remotely control sports ground lighting from a central location. Typical applications include rugby fields, cricket pitches or even car parks. This will save you the time and effort of going to each lighting tower before and after each game. The system uses a vandal […]

Selecting Power Supplies
Selecting a Power Supply

Selecting the correct power supply is easy. DATRAN Australia stock a range of power supplies for the Wireless Point to Point and cellular remote control systems. Please click here to watch the short video. The video provides an overview of the available power supplies and helps you select the correct one for your application. More […]

SMS Lite - generator remote start web
SMS Generator Control

The QTech SMS Lite controller can be used to remotely control and monitor your generator via text messages over the 3G or 4G cellular networks. Starting your generator is now as simple as sending a text. There are many different types of generators available, but you need to ensure that a remote start kit is […]

SMS Controller covid-19 vaccine
Covid-19 Vaccine SMS alarms

A government agency in Australia has chosen the QTech 4G SMS Controller to monitor the refrigeration of the important Covid-19 vaccines. The agency evaluated several solutions before deciding on the QTech SMSC from DATRAN Australia in Lithgow NSW. We are delighted that the powerful functionality and flexible message sending abilities of the SMSC met the […]