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DATRAN Australia

DATRAN Australia has over thirty years experience providing remote monitoring and control solutions for utilities, local governments, irrigation, agriculture and many other industries.

Using our low power digital radio and cellular technology, we have solutions for both large and small applications. DATRAN Australia provides solutions for the remote monitoring and control of irrigation systems, generators and any application requiring remote management.

Councils in Australia and New Zealand also rely on our industrial grade telemetry and SCADA solutions to provide monitoring and alarm management for their critical infrastructure.

Talk to DATRAN Australia today about your remote monitoring and management requirements. Let us help tailor the perfect solution for you.

DATRAN Australia

Latest Posts and Projects

Remote pump control
Remote Pump Control

We are often asked if our cellular and radio products can be used for remote pump control. Inevitably the answer is yes, they can. The SMS Lite and WP2P are frequently used to remotely start, stop, and monitor pumps faults. Pump control and pump controllers is a specialist area and there are many different types […]

NE Link Melbourne - 4G SMS Lite alarms
North East Link – VIC

The North East Link (NEL) is the largest road project in Victoria. Our 4G SMS Lite cellular controller is part of the solution. The NEL project is being considered as the ‘missing link’ in Melbourne’s road transport network. The project will ultimately connect the M80 motorway to the Eastern Freeway. This will connect important growth […]

SMS Controller SMS Text alarms
SMS Text Alarms

What can send SMS text alarms with the 4G SMS Lite and SMS Controller? A new customer asked this recently by so we decided to provide a summary of popular alarm examples. In short, virtually anything can send an alarm with our SMS Lite and SMS Controllers – all we need is a switch or […]

Bird Deterrent Systems

Bird control and bird deterrent systems are important safety consideration for airports and runways. They are also extensively used in agriculture and farming to help prevent birds eating crops and seeds. Our customer wanted to install a remote control option for an acoustic system at an airport runway. We were able to assist with the […]