Wireless Remote Control

DATRAN Australia stocks a range of quality wireless remote control and Cellular 4G (SMS/text) solutions for almost any application.

Use our systems for remote switching of equipment such as pumps or generators and monitoring of signals such as water flow or alarm states.

Our wireless remote control systems are cost effective alternatives to cables by eliminating trenching costs and the challenges of the terrain.

WP2P Products include:

· WP2P – Low power radio modules for analogue and/or digital I/O – drop in replacements for wired systems.

· Multi Point Controller (MPC) – Create a network of up to eight WP2P modules over a range of 2km. This powerful solution has a sophisticated I/O mapping grid that allows any of the inputs or outputs to be mapped to any module in the system.

Cellular Products include:

· SMS Controller (SMSC) – SMS/texts are used to monitor & control electrical devices using 4G. SMS Controllers can also send texts to other SMS Controllers allowing a mini network to be built.

· SMS Lite – Simple, intelligent and low cost 4G cellular remote control. Monitor and control devices directly from a mobile phone.

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