Wireless Remote Control

Our wireless systems use low power digital radios for the remote control and monitoring of almost any application.

Popular uses include the remote control of pumps, generators, irrigation systems and they are ideal for being solar powered.

Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) – Low power radio system with analogue or digital I/O. These are drop in replacements for wired systems and eliminate cable trenching costs and terrain challenges.

Multi Point Controller (MPC) – Create a radio network of up to eight WP2P modules over a range of 2km. Sophisticated I/O mapping grid allows the I/O to be used by any module in the system.

Our 4G Cellular SMS controllers are used to both monitor and control equipment using text messages.

SMS Lite – Simple, intelligent, and low cost 4G cellular text controller. Monitor and control devices directly from your mobile phone.

SMS Controller (SMSC) – Powerful 4G solution including analogue I/O. SMSCs can also text other SMSCs creating a mini network.

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