LED lighting upgrades - remote control

LED lighting upgrades for sports fields are becoming more popular.

Our low power wireless controllers are ideal for remote control of these LED lights.

LED lighting has multiple benefits over incandescent lighting, including lower energy consumption (lower power costs) and longer life expectancy.

Importantly, many of the modern LED lighting fixtures are modular and allow the lighting intensity to be changed to suit the match or event.

The requirements for sports field illumination varies depending on the sport being played.

Typical illumination levels required include:

Recreational: 300 lux

School/amateur: 500 lux

Professional: 1000 lux

International (FIFA/world cup): 2000 lux

But how can the LED lighting intensity be remotely controlled without digging up the pitch or replacing the control cables?

Our Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) and Multi Point Controller are popular solutions and have been specified for the remote control of LED lighting upgrades at several rugby fields recently.

LED sports field lighting

The WP2P modules have three output relays, and these can be interfaced into the LED lighting control circuit. From a central control room or the ground keepers’ office, a switch is activated to change the LED lighting intensity via radio.

The WP2P also has input options that can be used to monitor lighting module failure, power failure or even a tamper switch in the control panel.

Typical interface wiring includes:

LED Sports field lighting

This previous article outlines further options for Remote Control Sports Field lighting.

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