QTech Data Systems builds solutions that deliver the best and most efficient ways of monitoring and controlling water use. The technology enables the farmer to put water where it needs to be in the most efficient way possible and to ensure ground moisture is at optimum levels. It is technological advancement at its best, providing surety not only to the user but to any regulatory authority where water usage is a critical factor.

Developed by its Owner and Managing Director, Steve Champ, QTech Data Systems is a New Zealand company based in Christchurch, with more than 30 years experience in the delivery of industrial strength systems for urban automation and telemetry. Now the company is focused on bringing that same high level approach and solution in a cost-effective manner to farm irrigation management systems.

“We have listened to the rural sector and developed an Irrigation Management System (IMS) that is smart and innovative. It brings the latest technology to the land to optimise production and therefore increase profitability.”

Remote monitoring means the farmer doesn’t have to be on hand 24/7 to make sure the irrigation system is operating at optimal levels.

“Controlling the use of water is the way of the future. Our mantra is to find solutions that best contribute to the long-term sustainability of our environment and that includes not only the application of water, the amount and when it is used, but also, critically, when the ground conditions indicate that irrigation is required. It is essential that the farmer has a system in place that is easy to manage and is beneficial especially with time efficiency.”

Innovation and sound understanding of the rural sector has taken QTech Data Systems into the global market where Kiwi ingenuity completes with the best in the world.