Harbour Buoy lighting control SMS Lite

The international standards and conventions for maritime buoys is a complex and massively confusing topic, even for seasoned sailors.

Whilst we cannot simplify the standards, DATRAN Australia can help provide remote control of the harbour buoy lighting, using text messages over the 4G cellular network.

A customer in Queensland has recently selected our SMS Lite for it’s buoy lighting control.

SMS Lite

Remote control is especially important with solar powered buoy lighting systems. Energy conservation is crucial for these systems to ensure that the lighting is always available when needed.

The SMS Lite is low power and ideal for being solar powered. Features include pulsed outputs, input debouncing and an automatic low voltage alert.

DATRAN Australia also offers fully packaged solar powered systems for both the SMS Lite and the popular 900MHz Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) radio systems.

This fascinating article outlines the complexities of international buoy lighting conventions.

The SMS Lite is widely used in Australia, not just for harbour buoy lighting control. The most popular applications include the remote starting of generators, flood detection warning systems and holiday home heating control.

More details of these applications and projects can be found here.

Do you have an application that needs remote monitoring and control?

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