This page shows some of the exciting projects we have been involved in. We can provide you with remote monitoring, remote control and SMS alarm systems for almost any application.

Please contact us for further information or click below for recent examples:

Kubota Genset – Remote Start

Use the 4G SMS Lite to start and stop the genset and also monitor fuel, mains and oil

Generator remote start

Fire Alarm System – Alarms

Use the 4G SMS Lite to monitor alarm panel status, power and tamper alerts

Fire Alarm Monitoring 4G SMS Lite

Aircraft Warning Lights – Monitoring

Use the 4G SMS Lite to monitor aircraft warning lights, power supply and crane operation

Crane aviation obstruction lights

Sports Field LED Lighting – Control

Use the WP2P or MPC systems to control LED sports field lighting intensity and monitor faults

LED Sports field lighting

Water Tank Level Monitoring – IoT

Use the TLM to monitor water tanks with our IoT technology and LoRa radio

TLM Water Tank level monitor

Farm Backing Gate – Control

Use the WP2P with RSS01 solar supply to control latching solenoids on farm

Farm backing gate controls

Latching Irrigation Solenoids – Remote Control

Use the solenoid interfaces with the WP2P to control latching irrigation solenoids

Latching Solenoid remote control

Harbour Buoy Lighting – Remote Control

Use the 4G SMS Lite to control buoy LED lighting via text messages

Harbour Buoy lighting control SMS Lite

Controller to Controller Texts – Cellular Control

Use the 4G SMS Controllers to create mini cellular control network

SMS Controller to SMS Controller texting

Cold Room/Cool Store – Alarms

Use the 4G SMS Lite to monitor temperature and power in cold rooms to prevent damage

Cold Room Monitoring

Traffic Light Override – Control

Use the WP2P to override traffic signals so emergency vehicles can exit a building

Traffic Light Override

Animal Welfare – Alarms

Use the 4G SMS Lite to monitor ventilation, power and temperature in poultry farms

SMS Lite Animal welfare monitoring

Greyhound Race Track – Control

Use the WP2P to remotely control and monitor the starting gates – replacement for failed cables

Greyhound racetrack control WP2P

Flood Warning System – Monitor and Alarms

Use the MPC and SMS Lite for flood mitigation – water level turns on signs and sends SMS alarms

Road closure warning system

House Burglar Alarm – Monitor and Alarms

Use the 4G SMS Lite for notifications from your alarm panel – know the alarm has been triggered

House alarm monitoring - SMS Lite

Wireless Traffic Control System – Control

Use the WP2P to control traffic signals along a driveway with a blind corner – prevent digging up the drive

Wireless traffic control

Orchard Irrigation – Control

Use the MPC, RSS01 solar supply and latching relay interfaces to control orchard irrigation

Bilge Pump – Monitor and Alarms

Use the 4G SMS Lite to monitor the bilge pump water level and get SMS alarms if the level rises

Bilge pump monitoring SMS Lite

Latching Irrigation Solenoids – Control

Use the LSD01 to operate common latching irrigation solenoids from the WP2P

Latching Solenoid LSD01

Sports Field Lighting – Remote Control

Use the MPC or WP2P Star systems to remotely control lighting towers

Multi Point Controller

SMS Generator Operation – Remote Control

Use the 4G SMS Lite to interface to your genset – remotely start by sending a text message

SMS Lite - generator remote start web

Covid-19 Vaccine Fridge – Alarms

The 4G SMS Controllers was used to monitor the fridge and send critical alarms to multiple people

SMS Controller covid-19 vaccine