SMS Controller covid-19 vaccine

A government agency in Australia has chosen the QTech 4G SMS Controller to provide Covid-19 vaccine SMS alarms. The SMS Controller monitors the refrigeration equipment of the important Covid-19 vaccines. The agency evaluated several solutions before deciding on the QTech SMSC from DATRAN Australia in Lithgow NSW. We are delighted the powerful functionality and flexible message sending abilities of the SMSC met the demanding requirements for this project.

The purpose is to notify nursing and pharmacy staff of any alarms/issues with the Covid-19 vaccine fridge by sending SMS alarms 24/7. 

“the SMS Controller has been successful in providing us with daily AM & PM text messages. These go to 3 mobile phones and let us know each morning and afternoon that the SMS Controller is working.  Its other function is to notify 6 mobile phone numbers if the fridge is Alarming.  Alarms could be brought on by temperature drops or rises, doors left open, or power outages.

During a recent power outage it was successful in notifying 6 mobile numbers that the vaccine fridge was in need of attention … We are very happy to date with the SMS Controller and what it is able to do for our service here…”

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SMS alarms SMS Controller applications

The QTech SMS Controller is well proven on the 4G networks in both Australia and New Zealand.

The SMSC has multiple digital inputs (to monitor switch contacts and to operate relays) and also analogue inputs (for industrial 4-20mA sensors such as level sensors or flow meters). Configuration software allows sophisticated control options including texting other controllers to build a mini automation network.

Other really popular applications of the SMS Controller include remote generator starting, heating control, hot water system monitoring.

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