TLM Water Tank level monitor

Water tank level monitoring made easy.

The TLM is a solar powered IoT system using low power LoRa radio communication.

Our web-based dashboard technology provides you with tank level information and alerts for both critical water levels or significant rates of change.

The system doesn’t need cellular coverage and the robust antenna helps gives a range of many kilometres between the tank and the gateway.

Set up and configuration is easy thanks to a “self service” website. Alerts are configurable and can be sent to multiple people via SMS/text, email or push notifications.

The TLM is suitable for water tank level monitoring on farms, industrial sites as well as lifestyle blocks in semi-urban areas.

Water tank level monitoring made easy

Please click here for a demo on the Water-Insight website.

Installation of the TLM is straightforward.

The installation and set up instructions are available here.

The TLM uses our sophisticated and proven, IMS cloud technology to show you the water tank level, status indicators and water usage statistics.

The TLM uses LoRa IoT communications from the water tank to the gateway – the gateway then plugs into your existing internet connection.

You can also share the water tank level data with other farm staff or organisations that you given permission to. They can also be configured to only receive specific alerts and alarms.

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