DC Mini UPS – 12V 18W Plug Pack

The DC Mini UPS – 12V DC 18W Plug Pack from PowerShield is designed to provide emergency power backup to all kinds of DC powered equipment.

The UPS – 12V DC 18W Plug Pack is suitable for all of the SMS Lite and Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) modules from DATRAN Australia.

Other applications of the Mini UPS include routers, modems (including fibre optic), VOIP phone systems, surveillance equipment, alarm systems and many telecommunications devices.


The UPS is supplied with a 2m output cable and a selection of interchangeable DC male jacks, including the 2.1mm DC jack for the SMS Lite and WP2P products.


The UPS is suitable for proving emergency power backup for:

SMS Lite – part number PD8640-4G

WP2P Digital – part number PD8810E-WP2P

WP2P Analogue – part number PD8812E-WP2P-A

WP2P Slave (for MPC systems) – part number PD8810E

WP2P Repeater – part number PD8811E


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Product Code: PSDCMINI12-18

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