Multi Point Controller

Wireless remote control & monitoring Solution for up to eight locations
QTech’s Multi Point Controller (MPC) is a central hub for creating a wireless communications, monitoring and control solution for up to eight remote wireless Point to Point (WP2P) slave modules.
The simple, yet powerful “Workbench” software enables you to program the MPC with a sophisticated Input/Output (I/O) mapping grid, that allows any of the digital inputs in the system to be “mapped” to any of the digital outputs in the system. This includes the ability to control multiple digital outputs across the system from a single input in any part of the system.
The perfect choice for irrigation systems, sprinkler systems and the majority of agricultural applications.
This innovative and cost effective system allows you to:

  • Switch up to 24 pumps or irrigators on and off remotely
  • Expand and/or replace existing cable based control systems with quality wireless technology
  • Start and stop multiple pumps from a central location
  • Monitor electrical faults over many locations, to a central point
  • Confirm if your irrigator is switched on and pumping water
  • Operate multiple devices spread around your site from a single button press

Key Features

  • Low power consumption, ideal for solar and battery installations
  • Line of sight operational ranges of up to 300m with the supplied antennas and over 4km with optional antennas. Distances are indicative as they are terrain dependent.
  • State of the art digital radio using 900MHz Digital Modulation technology
  • Simplistic configuration using “Workbench” software.
  • Fault alarm indication when any WP2P module is not communicating
  • Competitive pricing

Application Examples


  • Frequency 917MHz to 927MHz
  • RF Output Controller selectable to max. 250mW
  • Digital Modulation technology
  • Antenna connector SMA
  • Dimensions L 186 x W 120 x D 40 mm
  • Enclosure Steel, powder coated
  • Power connector 3 way screw terminal
  • Supply Voltage Controller 12 – 24V DC (max 30V DC)
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Current Consumption Controller 80mA nominal @12V DC

Mechanical Mounting

  • Controller Qty 4 x M4 holes at 177 x 84mm centres

Inputs & Outputs

  • Qty 8x Switched Input (normally open, close to activate)
  • Qty 8x Outputs contact (solid state type)
  • Total switching current 1.9 Amps, 2A fused


  • Indoor/Urban line of sight up to 350m with supplied stub antenna
  • Outdoor line of sight over 4km with optional antennas
  • Data Rate 9600bps
  • Receiver sensitivity -110dBm

Ordering Details

  • Master Controller – Product Code: PD8620
  • WP2P Modules – Product Code: PD8810

(When ordering WP2P modules separately please supply the Controller Serial Number)

Please refer to our website for further product information and optional accessories.

Product Downloads

Datasheet – Multi Point Controller

User Manual – Multi Point Controller 

Download Workbench software