Thank you for purchasing products from DATRAN Australia Pty Ltd.

Please read our Warranty and Service information carefully.

If you have any questions in relation to this information please call us on +61 (02) 9746 6098 prior to installing your Datran Australia products.

Datran Australia Pty Ltd undertakes to repair any manufacturing or software defects and replace or repair any faulty materials within twelve (12) months from the date of sale to the original purchaser subject to the following exceptions:
The exceptions are:

  1. Fair wear and tear.
  2. Faulty installation, misuse, neglect, accident, deliberate and similar causes of damage to the unit.
  3. Equipment that does not bear the original Serial Number label or the label has been defaced or altered.
  4. Unsuitable operating conditions, including improper installation and other influences beyond Datran Australia Pty Ltd control.
  5. Repairs and/or alterations carried out by the Purchaser or any unauthorised third party.
  6. Power supply protection parts, including fuses and other circuitry provided to protect the unit from electrical damage.
  7. Damage resulting from lightning strikes and other static discharges.Liability for replacements supplied or repairs carried out is limited to the original twelve (12) month Warranty period.


In no event shall Datran Australia Pty Ltd nor its respective agents be liable for special, direct, indirect, or consequential damages losses, costs, charges, claims, demands, claims for loss of profit, fees, or expenses of any nature or kind.

Datran Australia Pty Ltd does not assume or authorise any person to assume for Datran Australia Pty Ltd any other liability regarding its products. Datran Australia Pty Ltd warrants its products it does not imply a warranty for its use for a particular purpose.

Datran Australia Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any infringement or violation of copyright with respect to a specific customer’s application of its products.

Warranty Service

Where the conditions of liability, as set out above, are met Datran Australia Pty Ltd will carry out Warranty service as detailed below:

  1. Goods returned for servicing shall be adequately packaged to prevent damage in transit and shall be forwarded freight pre-paid.
  2. A description of the fault/s and any other relevant information relating to the fault, together with the return address to which the equipment is to be sent, must be included with any equipment returned to Datran Australia Pty Ltd Limited for repair. ( Please refer to Product Return / Repair Request Form )
  3. Datran Australia Pty Ltd may elect, at its sole discretion, to repair or replace equipment returned for repair.
  4. Where repairs to the equipment are undertaken, the repairs will be undertaken during normal Datran Australia Pty Ltd business hours.
  5. Once repairs or replacements are complete, the equipment will be returned by a suitable carrier to the Purchaser unless otherwise instructed by the Purchaser.

Out of Warranty Service

Where the equipment is outside the twelve (12) month warranty period or is not otherwise covered by the Warranty, then the service work will be carried out as detailed above with the exception that all labour, materials and freight will be charged to the customer at Datran Australia Pty Ltd rates applicable at the time of service.