PD9242 900MHz 6dBi Vertical Fibreglass Whip Antenna

A robust quarter wave omni-directional whip antenna for longer range applications

Ideally suited for master multi-point applications and as a higher gain alternative for the 900MHz 3dBi Vertical Fibreglass Whip Antenna.

Applications include longer range requirements for the following QTech products:
• WP2P Repeater
• WP2P in a Star Configuration (Master)
• Multi Point Controller (Master)

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Frequency Range 902-928MHz
Import Impedance 50 Ohms
V.S.W.R. <1.6:1
Gain 6dBi
Polarization Vertical
Max Power 10 Watts
Length 1.045m excluding bracket
Weight 0.95kg
Rated Wind Velocity 120kmph = 33m/s
Operating Temp. -30 to +80 degrees C
Connector Type SMA Plug

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