The DATRAN XL4 Plus RTU is a fully featured RTU with Ethernet. Based on the Q04 processor with RTOS, it is amongst the most compact and powerful RTUs available.

Supporting over 65,000 data points, the XL4 Plus RTU is ideally placed to provide telemetry and control for Modbus or AB- DF1 PLCs, industrial equipment supporting Modbus, and many other sensors and actuators.

  • Powerful Q04 Plus processor running an industrial grade real-time operating system
  • Access over 65,000 data points ensuring all data is captured from PLCs and other devices
  • Supports multiple instances of Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP and Allen Bradley DF1 industrial protocols on separate ports
  • Modbus and AB-DF1 protocols plus RTU to RTU Store & Forward included as standard
  • Base station communications via digital radio, analogue radio, Ethernet, cellular and store & forward
  • Redundant base station communications with simultaneous radio and Ethernet communications
  • USB configuration with QTech Workbench configuration utility
  • Fully backwards compatible with existing DLPs
  • Expandable I/O

The XL4 Plus RTU is backed up with our new revision of QTech Workbench configuration utility, DLP IDE and DATRAN VI SCADA System. The XL4 Plus RTU has more memory, has enriched features thanks to the new Q04 Plus firmware and is a drop-in replacement for the XL4 RTU.

Ordering Details

  • Product Code: PD7402

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