DATRAN VI is a powerful telemetry and SCADA application offering comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities for use of any operating system and supporting all versions of SQL Server.

DATRAN VI brings new levels of flexibility to the area of telemetry and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software. DATRAN VI is a software-based Telemetry controller not a proprietary hardware solution, so providing a greater flexibility for installations and support.

These systems can now be an integral part of an organisation’s information technology strategy, rather than being viewed in isolation. The software can operate in stand-alone mode on a single machine or in client-server mode over any network.

DATRAN VI was developed to provide comprehensive monitoring and control functionality and more effective sharing of SCADA generated data. The Windows environment provides the stability and performance required for demanding applications.

DATRAN VI is an open system that incorporates many of the standards present in today’s information technology environment, including OPC UA, SSL, and TCP/IP.

Effective monitoring and control is the primary requirement of a SCADA system, however there is an increasing need for more comprehensive secondary reporting and the presenting of data to non-technical operators in a useable format. DATRAN VI provides users with powerful tools for sharing data across a network or between applications. Information can easily be exchanged with commonly used applications such as Microsoft Access or Excel.

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