DatScan – Cellular People Counter System

The DatScan cellular system with DATAHost is a sophisticated people counter and data logging system.

Data can be retrieved from the people counters using 4G cellular data or an optional LAN/Network connection.

The system is the perfect choice for scalable people counting applications such as public facility usage and trend analysis.

The DatScan system is widely used around New Zealand providing public toilet usage data for service provision analysis.

Key Features

  • Low power consumption providing battery life of up to 12 months
  • 4G cellular data transfer from Data Logger to DATAHost server
  • Connect up to 8 PIR sensors to each 4G cellular data logger
  • Vandal resistant heavy gauge steel enclosure with stainless steel fixings
  • Easy system expansion & configuration – Up to 999 loggers can be used
  • Generate usage reports from the Analyser software or use your existing database tools

People counters are also available with a simple wireless transfer of data to an SD Card – please see our DatScan Wireless System.

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