Water Tank Level Monitor (TLM)

Water tank level monitoring made easy.

The TLM from Water-Insight is a compact and cost effective water tank level monitoring system.

Our web-based dashboard technology provides you with tank level information and alerts for both critical water levels or significant rates of change.

The TLM can also be used “stand alone” or integrated into our IMS platform, to give you both tank levels and fixed grid irrigation on the same system.

IMS cloud based irrigation management

The TLM uses a quality stainless steel immersed pressure sensor which is easily installed in your tank.

It has an environmentally protected enclosure complete with solar panel charging, high capacity back up battery and stainless steel brackets.

Tank level readings are transmitted via LoRa radio to a gateway receiver which connects to the internet.

The system doesn’t need cellular coverage and the robust antenna helps gives a range of many kilometres between the tank and the gateway.

Set up and configuration is easy thanks to a “self service” website. Alerts are configurable and can be sent to multiple people via SMS/text, email or push notifications.

The TLM is suitable for monitoring water tanks on farms, industrial sites as well as lifestyle blocks in semi-urban areas.

Tank Level Monitor Datasheet

Tank Level Monitor Brochure

Tank Level Monitor User Guide