DATRAN Australia in conjunction with QTech Data Systems has developed a comprehensive range of training programmes suitable for new users, existing users, maintenance contractors and technical integrators.
Please click here for the training material and notes.

To best suit the diversity and expected outcomes, four training options are available.
However, these are easily customised for you to maximise the benefit.
Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements so we can tailor the best package for you.

Course 1 and 2 are suitable for users with little or no familiarity with DATRAN. The course provides a background to SCADA and telemetry and introduces the DATRAN product range.
These courses can be tailored and changed to best suit your requirements.

Course 2 is specifically aimed at regular users of the DATRAN software and those with a reasonable working knowledge of computers. This is ideal for new staff or refresher training for existing staff.

Course 3 and 4 are for the experienced integrator with a significant amount of field experience and high levels of IT literacy.
Course 3 and 4 can lead to DATRAN certification by successfully passing the associated exam.

A certificate of attendance is provided for attendees of all courses.

DLP-IDE is the design and development environment for the DATRAN RTU control program.
Please click for the overview documents and the DLP Self Training Modules. These modules are intended for technical integrators and automation engineers who need to understand the DLP/RTU control program capabilities.

1. Training Course – Introduction to DATRAN

2. Training Course – DATRAN Operator Training

  • Brief overview of DATRAN VI SCADA Software
  • Detailed use of Supervisor, Trending and GUI packages
  • Alarm management, data analysis, data exporting etc
  • Click for Course Overview

3. DATRAN Telemetry Hardware – Advanced

  • DATRAN telemetry hardware
  • Hardware interfaces
  • DATRAN telemetry installation and maintenance
  • System integration
  • The DLP/Control Program
  • Click here for Training Notes

4. DATRAN VI SCADA Software – Advanced

  • DATRAN VI – installation, operation and use
  • Advanced configuration of DATRAN VI
  • System diagnostics and fault finding
  • Click here for Training Notes