DATRAN Australia has a wide range of irrigation products including: wireless remote monitoring and control, solar power options, through to a complete irrigation management system with a cloud-based interface and automated SMS alerts.

Working closely with farmers and RX Plastics, QTech created the irrigation point controller (IPC). A unique, radio programmed device that has been cleverly designed to turn water on and off, based on a predetermined schedules.

After significant field testing and gaining feedback from our dedicated farmers, we then developed a system that would allow users to remotely configure, control and monitor their solid set sprinklers.

Our Irrigation Management System (IMS), is a cloud based platform providing farmers with a visualisation of their farm operations and lets them manage their sprinkler schedules, anywhere and at any time. The web based application is accessible on any mobile device and can also be set up to send out alerts to significant events or important issues.

Solid set irrigation controller
Water-Insight’s solar powered sprinkler control system uses mesh radio communications

Our latest development has been the introduction of sensor technology into our solution. With growing concerns around the uses of clean water we realised that it wasn’t enough for farmers to just control water, they also needed to have reliable and accurate information to understand when and where they should irrigate. Soil moisture, soil temperature, rain gauge, flow meter and tank level technology can all now be integrated into IMS to help farmers determine optimal water schedules.

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Solid set irrigation controller

Fixed grid irrigation controller