The QTech Irrigation Management System (QIMS)

Improving rural productivity through efficient water coverage over all types of terrain.

The QTech IMS is a suite of hardware and software products that enables the farmer to configure, control u, monitor and make informed decisions on the management of their solid set water,irrigation, whether it is fixed post or pod sprinkler irrigation. It has been developed through working with clients, to identify the best and most effective system that gives the highest return both financially and economically.

When installed, the system enables water to be efficiently applied over large land areas – rolling downs, hills as well as flat lands, at a rate that is pre-set and controlled. Water run-off is avoided and pasture performance growth is maximised.

The farmer manages water use and can determine the irrigation requirement depending on weather conditions. A critical component of this management is the soil moister logger (SML), which uses sensor technology drilled into the ground to determine the optimum time for irrigators to be turned on or off.

The SML is the latest addition to the QTech product range and is essential particularly in areas where there is increasing regulatory requirement for water monitoring.

Core Hardware Components of the IMS

The radio controlled device which controls the sprinkler’s valve operation

The interactive device with portable configuration for the IPCs when the farmer is out in the field

The device with probes measures and logs soil moisture content.

The mesh network radio control gateway that communicates to all the IPCs in the field

* REPEATER For extending IPC communications range)

* FLOW Meter interface

* LEVEL Monitoring for on farm water tanks

* SMS Control

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