Irrigation Management System

DATRAN Australia is proud to offer the Water-Insight suite of solid set irrigation control solutions. The Irrigation Management System (IMS) enables farmers to configure, control, monitor and make informed irrigation scheduling decisions for their solid set and fixed grid irrigation systems.

Water Insight in australia

The latest development is a cloud based solution that allows the user to visualise their farm operations and remotely manage all irrigation and sensor devices. IMS is an innovative and technological advancement than has grown to be the market leader in the New Zealand.

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Water-Insight’s irrigation solutions are now available in Tasmania from Van Diemen’s Land Irrigation.

Water-Insights core products:
The solar powered irrigation controller that uses mesh radio communication to control the solid set or fixed grid sprinkler’s valve

The interactive, portable device for configuration for the IPCs when the farmer is out in the field

State of the art sensors that provide irrigation decision support

The mesh network radio control gateway that communicates to all the IPCs in the fixed grid or solids set irrigation system, from a central point

Used to increase the range between IPCs and communicate with difficult areas of the farm. A mains powered repeater is also available

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