DATRAN is a modular and expandable telemetry system. It comprises DATRAN VI SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software, DATRAN telemetry hardware including RTUs, and multiple communication options.
DATRAN VI SCADA software provides the full management, historical analysis, reporting and a sophisticated alarm management system for small to medium sized telemetry networks.
DATRAN Telemetry hardware is an extensive range of quality, modular products that helps provides a complete solution, whilst being easily expandable to cater for future requirements. The latest generation of DATRAN RTUs includes DNP3, Ethernet, store and forward capability, floating-point number support and many digital radio communication options.
DATRAN SCADA and telemetry systems meet the requirements of a variety of private, government and utility companies and is widely used throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The latest innovation is the WRTU – Wireless RTU. This low power, low cost digital radio telemetry option for DATRAN is perfect for solar powered sites. The WRTU uses 900MHz ISM band digital radio communications which is ideal for rural telemetry networks in Australia.

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