CNML in Rotorua, New Zealand, chose the QTech SMS Controller

The SMS Controller provides remote cellular control for four Department of Conservation Volcanic Risk Warning signs along the length of NZ’s world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

With its robust confirmation texting, status reporting and class-leading configuration software, The QTech 4G SMS Controller was the right choice for such a crucial alert application in what is a demanding alpine environment.

Seismic instruments are connected wirelessly to the QTech Data Systems SMS Controller.

When an event is triggered it activates an alarm, turns on a warning light and sends an SMS text messge to the relevant operational staff.

The settings at which events are activated are pre-programmed into the SMS Controller and can easily be adjusted with SMS Messenger software.

The SMS Controller has 8 digital inputs, 8 digital output and 2 analogue in and 2 analogue out.

All of these I/O can be customised to suit your application – the SMS Controllers can even text other SMS Controllers to form a connected network.

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gas industry using QTech

The QTech Wireless Point to Point (WP2P)  has been successfully operating at an industrial site in an environment which has high exposure to toxic substances. Due to the highly corrosive nature of these chemicals it was not feasible to run a control cable around this particular area of the plant. The WP2P is being employed to start a pump which discharges alkaline when the acidity level in large tanks reaches a regulated maximum intensity.

The QTech 900 MHz WP2P, using the supplied stub antenna, provides enough signal strength to ensure reliable pump control despite one module being in an adjacent building. At this site the signal must ‘see’ through a host of industrial steel pipe work, concrete block, fibrous walls and other structures to the receiving module, which activates the pH balancing pump, some 40 metres away in a direct line. If greater distance or stronger signal strength is required higher gain antennas are available from DATRAN Australia.

Key Features of the solution include;

Operational Range: Up to 350m with the supplied antennas, ~2km with optional whip antenna (line of sight)

  • This can be increased further by using a Yagi Directional Antenna or a WP2P Repeater module (environment dependent)
  • Relay outputs – up to 24V/2A
  • State of the art digital radio using 900 MHz digital modulation technology
  • Link Status LED helps diagnostics and confirms a signal path between modules.

Another popular application for the WP2P is shown below:

WP2P application

New Zealand contractor, Hypower, deployed the QTech SMS Controller for monitoring an on-site concrete curing facility for HEB Construction. The facility was designed to pour 26 x 30m long reinforced concrete beams, weighing several tonnes each, for use in the reconstruction and upgrade of the earthquake damaged Ferrymead Bridge, an important eastern link between Christchurch city and the coastal district of Sumner.

An ‘accelerated curing process’ was employed using a special temperature maintained water jacket to assist with reducing the standard curing time from 7 days to just 24 hours. Problems with maintaining the water jacket seal, water temperature and power supply at the facility were creating headaches for the site engineers and delays repeatedly disrupted the concrete pouring schedule.

QTech Data Systems SMS Controller monitors Temperature, Pressure and Mains supply alerting shift personnel of any changes or issues that occur after hours reducing unnecessary delays the following day when all staff are on site.

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