North East Link – VIC

NE Link Melbourne - 4G SMS Lite alarms

The North East Link (NEL) is the largest road project in Victoria. Our 4G SMS Lite cellular controller is part of the solution. The NEL project is being considered as the ‘missing link’ in Melbourne’s road transport network. The project will ultimately connect the M80 motorway to the Eastern Freeway. This will connect important growth […]

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SMS Text Alarms

SMS Controller SMS Text alarms

What can send SMS text alarms with the 4G SMS Lite and SMS Controller? A new customer asked this recently by so we decided to provide a summary of popular alarm examples. In short, virtually anything can send an alarm with our SMS Lite and SMS Controllers – all we need is a switch or […]

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Bird Deterrent Systems

Bird control and bird deterrent systems are important safety consideration for airports and runways. They are also extensively used in agriculture and farming to help prevent birds eating crops and seeds. Our customer wanted to install a remote control option for an acoustic system at an airport runway. We were able to assist with the […]

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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring 4G SMS Lite

The SMS Lite is used for commercial fire alarm system monitoring. Defend Fire group is an Australian company specialising in all types of fire alarm monitoring, fire detection and suppression systems. Many of their systems are installed in the remote rural communities of Darwin, Alice Springs and Adelaide. Having a reliable and proven messaging capability […]

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Generator Remote Start

Generator remote start

The QTech SMS Lite is used to remotely start and monitor your generator via text messages over the 4G cellular networks. Starting your generator is now as simple as sending a text. We have been involved with a generator remote start project for the popular Kubota GL600D-AU-B genset fitted with the DSE 4520 digital control […]

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Cybercrime – Protection

Cybercrime is increasing

Cybercrime is increasing in Australia – The targets of Cyberattacks now include automation systems, industrial networks, and farms. Each of these has an increasing amount of internet connected technology. For farms, everything from tractors to milking platforms to soil moisture sensors are connected to the internet and may have some level of vulnerability. The good news […]

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Crane Aviation Lights

Crane aviation obstruction lights

Aviation obstruction lights, or “aircraft warning lights” are vital warning devices. They help pilots avoid tall obstacles such as cranes, particularly when visibility is reduced or during the night. Tall construction cranes encroaching into controlled airspace is a serious business and strict rules apply. Knowing that the aviation obstruction lights are both running and the power supply is […]

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LED Lighting Upgrades

LED lighting upgrades - remote control

LED lighting upgrades for sports fields are becoming more popular. Our low power wireless controllers are ideal for remote control of these LED lights. LED lighting has multiple benefits over incandescent lighting, including lower energy consumption (lower power costs) and longer life expectancy. Importantly, many of the modern LED lighting fixtures are modular and allow […]

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Water Tank Level Monitoring

TLM Water Tank level monitor

Water tank level monitoring made easy. The TLM is a solar powered IoT system using low power LoRa radio communication. Our web-based dashboard technology provides you with tank level information and alerts for both critical water levels or significant rates of change. The system doesn’t need cellular coverage and the robust antenna helps gives a […]

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