Bilge pump monitoring SMS Lite

When away from your boat, how do you know if the automatic bilge pump has started or if the water level is rising?

The QTech SMS Lite 4G controller helps provide a bilge pump monitoring solution.

The SMS Lite can monitor if the bilge pump is running and if the water level sensor has been activated and sends SMS/text messages to you or others.

The text messages from the SMS Lite will give you an early warning that further action maybe required.

The SMS Lite has four inputs and two outputs – all of which can be utilised to provide a flexible solution for boating needs.

  • Security – add a door switch or sensor and receive a text if anyone boards or enters the cabin.
  • Shore power supply – monitor the supply and receive a text if the power is disconnected.
  • Battery monitoring – the SMS Lite automatically sends a text message if it’s supply voltage drops below 10.5V DC. Alternatively you can add a voltage sensing switch to your supply to know if the battery is draining, or someone has forgotten to switch the isolator off.
  • Remote bilge pump start – if your bilge pump isn’t automatic, then send a text to start it if water level is detected.
  • Float switch – receive a text when the bilge float switch detects rising water.

The bilge pump is a crucial system for all vessels, but is easily forgotten about until an emergency strikes. Please take this opportunity to ensure it is clean, clear of debris and is well maintained.

The SMS Lite has also been used to remotely switch on jetty lighting – not only is this a navigation aid when it is dark but improves safety – all achieved by simply sending a text message.

After mooring, wouldn’t it then be nice to return home and the heating or lighting was already on for you. By installing another SMS Lite a home, you can achieve this and more.

Please contact DATRAN Australia now for more details on bilge pump monitoring with the SMS Lite.

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Wireless solution for challenging terrain

We are often called upon to help establish remote control solutions for challenging terrain.

A pump specialist in the North Island of New Zealand recently asked for help with this rural control system.
However, when we reviewed the location we found an incredibly challenging elevation profile!
The system spans almost 4km which can be achieved with our wireless control systems – more challenging are the site locations in the steep valleys.

In this application there are multiple sites for the pump stations and the water storage reservoirs which serve a local farming community.

A QTech Multi Point Controller system with our high gain antennas provided the wireless control solution. The multipoint controller was used with five WP2P modules in a master slave arrangement.

This project also used a combination of high gain yagi directional antennas at the remote sites and a 6dB collinear at the multi point controller location.
This short video introduces the antenna types available for our wireless systems

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Are you looking for remote control solutions for challenging terrain or an application which would benefit from remote control or monitoring?

Please get in touch to discuss the many options we can provide.

There are many remote control systems available from us. These include both digital and analogue I/O WP2P systems, the WP2P star configuration system and the Q48 P2P which has eight digital inputs and outputs.

Latching Solenoid LSD01

The Latching Solenoid Driver, LSD01, allows you to remotely control latching irrigation valves using QTech
wireless controllers.
The LSD01 operates the popular 12 Volt 4 Ohm DC single coil latching solenoid irrigation valves. This gives you the option to interface to the Baccara and Burmad type valves widely used in irrigation systems.
The LSD01 is designed to interface directly with the QTech WP2P, Multi-point Controller, SMS Controller,
SMS Lite and DATRAN RTU products.

A 12V DC (+/- 10%) power supply is required, at an operating current of 2 to 12mA.
The 12V DC supply is applied to the +12V and GND terminals of the LSD01.
• The solenoid valve is controlled by the RLY terminals on the LSD01, which operate as a trigger.
When the RLY terminals are closed the solenoid valve will turn ON. When the RLY terminals are opened
the solenoid valve will turn OFF.
• The solenoid valve coil wires are connected to the LSD01 terminals labelled BLK and GRN.

Note – If the solenoid valve operates in reverse, simply swap the BLK and GRN wires on the LSD01.

Latching coils and QTech controllers are low power and ideal for being solar powered.

The latching solenoid driver can also be integrated into our remote solar power solutions.

Rugby field lighting WP2P

Remote control sports lighting is achieved with QTech Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) modules. Typical applications include rugby fields, cricket pitches or even car parks.

This will save you the time and effort of going to each lighting tower before and after each game.

A vandal resistant antenna is mounted on the electrical panel at each lighting tower. The system has a range of hundreds of meters from the control room, making it ideal for virtually any sports facility.

Control of the lighting towers is by a simple switch closure in the control room – a wireless alternative to cable systems, without having to install hundreds of metres of cable.

The WP2P low voltage relay outputs are integrated into the existing electrical lighting control circuit.

If needed, signals can also come back to the control room from each lighting tower, this could be Status OK/Door Open/temperature alert etc.

The systems use our 900MHz ISM band digital radios – ideal for use in both Australia and New Zealand.

System Selection

Choosing which system to use primarily depends on how many lighting towers etc you need to control.

There are two options: the Multi Point Controller system and the WP2P Star system.

Multi Point Controller Option

This system remotely controls up to eight lighting towers. It also has a simple yet powerful configuration tool that provides you extra control options.

The Multi Point Controller is installed in the control room and connected to control switches.

Multi Point Controller

Tip – Each module has 3 outputs, so each tower could have high/medium/low light control options etc.

WP2P Star Option

This system remotely controls up to three lighting towers. This is the entry level system and virtually plug and play.

The master module is installed in the control room and connected to three control switches.

Wireless point to point WP2P Star System

Tip – Mount the master module at a lighting tower, then four towers can be controlled by just visiting one tower.

Vandal Resistant Antenna

Our recommended antenna is the ruggedised low profile antenna which is only 16mm high.

Low Profile antenna

Output Hold and Repeater Operation

WP2P modules have two configurable options: “Output Hold” and “Talk via Repeater”. See the WP2P System User Guide for further details.

The Multi Point Controller and WP2P Star systems have an Output Hold function. This is essentially a failsafe, so that if the radio communications are interrupted, the lighting can remain on.

WP2P Star systems also support the WP2P Repeater functionality. This allows communication range to be extended. The WP2P master and all slaves must be configured to use it. All slaves must be able to see the repeater as all communications will be via the repeater, even if a slave is close to the master module.

Please click here for more details on the WP2P

If you have a unique or demanding application that needs wireless remote control, please contact us to discuss our complete range of control systems, alternative power supplies and antennas for longer distances.

Select the correct antenna

Watch QTech’s short training video to learn how to select the correct antenna for our WP2P and SMS controllers.

Selecting the correct antenna is really important and will ensure you have the most reliable communications. The antenna is the “eyes and ears” of any communication system.

DATRAN Australia stocks a wide range of 900MHz antennas and cellular antennas for 3G and 4G networks. We also stock a wide range of directional high gain Yagi antennas, omni directional whip antennas, low profile vandal resisting antennas and mounting kits.

More training videos are available covering topics such as power supply selection, line of sight, wiring, configuration and firmware upgrades.

For more detail please check our antenna selection.

If you need any more advice or guidance, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you select the correct antenna.

SMS Lite - generator remote start web

The QTech SMS Lite controller can be used to remotely control and monitor your generator via text messages over the 3G or 4G cellular networks.

Starting your generator is now as simple as sending a text.

There are many different types of generators available, but you need to ensure that a remote start kit is fitted to yours.

Remote start kits provide an electrical interface to the necessary start button, kill switch, choke control, glow plugs etc. They can be a factory fitted option or an aftermarket accessory.

The QTech SMS Lite controller then operates the remote start kit using its relay outputs.

The SMS Lite has two relay outputs and four switched inputs making it ideal for basic monitoring and control applications. Alternatively, the SMS Controller (SMSC) has eight switched inputs and 8 switched outputs and is programmable to give more sophisticated control options for several generators.

SMS Lite – Relay Output Options

The SMS Lite relay outputs can be turned on, off, pulsed for 1 second or pulsed for a configurable time. This is useful as the generator’s remote start interface may need an activation signal for several seconds before operating.

SMS Lite – Input Switch Debouncing

Input switch debouncing is also a good idea and will prevent false alarms and help reduce the quantity of SMS/texts sent. Debouncing is configurable, it’s a global setting so applies to all four inputs.

Low Voltage Warning

The SMS Lite automatically sends you a text message if the supply voltage drops to 10.5V DC. When voltage increases to 11.5V DC a confirmation text will also be sent.

Fuses and Relays

Remember to install suitable fuses in the interface wiring.

A DC supply isolator switch for the SMS Lite should be installed if the device will be unused for extended periods or powered from the generator’s starter battery.

We recommend installing interface relays on the output side of the SMS Lite controller. This assists future serviceability and allows high current/voltage operation. The SMS Lite relays are rated at a maximum of 2A at 32V DC only.

For further details, please refer to the user manual or download the application note

Please get in touch to discuss your application.

The 4G SMS Lite from QTech is the first choice for SMS Generator Control.

SMS Lite - generator remote start web
SMS Controller covid-19 vaccine

A government agency in Australia has chosen the QTech 4G SMS Controller to provide Covid-19 vaccine SMS alarms. The SMS Controller monitors the refrigeration equipment of the important Covid-19 vaccines. The agency evaluated several solutions before deciding on the QTech SMSC from DATRAN Australia in Lithgow NSW. We are delighted the powerful functionality and flexible message sending abilities of the SMSC met the demanding requirements for this project.

The purpose is to notify nursing and pharmacy staff of any alarms/issues with the Covid-19 vaccine fridge by sending SMS alarms 24/7. 

“the SMS Controller has been successful in providing us with daily AM & PM text messages. These go to 3 mobile phones and let us know each morning and afternoon that the SMS Controller is working.  Its other function is to notify 6 mobile phone numbers if the fridge is Alarming.  Alarms could be brought on by temperature drops or rises, doors left open, or power outages.

During a recent power outage it was successful in notifying 6 mobile numbers that the vaccine fridge was in need of attention … We are very happy to date with the SMS Controller and what it is able to do for our service here…”

Want to know more about the SMSC capabilities?

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SMS alarms SMS Controller applications

The QTech SMS Controller is well proven on the 4G networks in both Australia and New Zealand.

The SMSC has multiple digital inputs (to monitor switch contacts and to operate relays) and also analogue inputs (for industrial 4-20mA sensors such as level sensors or flow meters). Configuration software allows sophisticated control options including texting other controllers to build a mini automation network.

Other really popular applications of the SMS Controller include remote generator starting, heating control, hot water system monitoring.

Please enquire now for more information and assistance.

Selecting Power Supplies

Selecting the correct power supply is easy. DATRAN Australia stock a range of power supplies for the Wireless Point to Point and cellular remote control systems.

Please click here to watch the short video.

The video provides an overview of the available power supplies and helps you select the correct one for your application. More training videos are also available, covering topics such as antenna types, line of sight, configuring the SMS Lite, Wiring the WP2P and firmware upgrades.

Please click here for more details on our power supplies.

SMS Lite - setup

Please click here to watch QTech’s short training video

You will learn how to set up the 4G SMS Lite controller.
This video includes inserting the SIM card and registering phone numbers.

More training videos are also available here,

Topics covered include antenna types, power supply selection, line of sight, configuring the SMS lite and firmware upgrades.

If you need any more advice or guidance, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

SMSC Akaysha Park Bore

This bore pump control project uses our powerful 3G/4G SMS Controller.

The SMS Controller provides both remote control and fault notifications, and the switchboard is a great example of the quality solutions our partners and integrators deliver.

Our customers comments were “My system is fully up and going now and it works terrific.  After meeting at my pump site with a few customers indication is that there will be more”.
Want to know about the capabilities?

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