Q71 External 1200bps Modem

The Q71 is an RS232 device that provides the necessary DATRAN interface to Tait TM9315 Radio.

Until now, DATRAN RTUs have been available in two hardware variants:
● Internal 1200bps modem and one RS232 serial port
● Two RS232 ports, no internal modem (eXcel family only)
With more and more DATRAN systems converting to high speed data communications, 1200bps RTUs have become less popular.
The two RS232 port RTU variant is the cheapest RTU in the family and of course, allows you to connect both a data radio and a PLC/HMI etc.


Enclosure Dimensions
  • H 26 x W 50 x L 89 mm (excluding cables)
Power Supply
  • Power taken direct from RTU (RS232-B port) or external 3 pin connector
  • 1m Radio Interface Cable – Tait TM8xxx or 6 Pin Circular DIN
  • 300mm RJ45 Serial Cable – Connection to RTU RS232 Port
  • DATRAN XL4 RTU – all versions
  • DATRAN II eXcel RTU with Q03 Firmware v5.21+
  • Q90 v3.27+


Q71B Quick Start Guide v1.3

Q71 Cables