DATRANVue is a quality and cost effective GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the DATRAN™VI SCADA software.

DATRANVue is a simple and rapid way to produce a graphical and user friendly system or process representation.

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Interactive navigation buttons allow you to “click through” from a map screen to system status and alarms.
DATRANVue can be easily distributed to many users, each with their own access levels.

DATRANVue comprises two software components:
DATRANVue Designer – To create and design the graphics
DATRANVue Runtime – To display and deploy the GUI to multiple users

Key Features

  • Control capability – Simply click buttons to start and stop pumps etc.
  • Automatic screen size scaling and pan/zoom features
  • HTML Wrapper – Automatically create JPG images of screens for use on the internet
  • Simple and direct system integration – no need to create separate Tag names and no I/O Tag limit
  • Fully configurable graphics, including size, layout and attributes
  • Change display colour and animation to show status of pump/motor etc
  • Multiple icon library including user definable graphic option
  • Electronic Help in HTML format

Key Benefits

  • User friendly real time monitoring and control of site status/usage
  • Highly efficient TCP/IP network communications, ideal for remote network users
  • Common display method across all sites reducing operator training and increasing familiarisation
  • Improved alarm visibility and response times
  • The most cost effective solution available, a fraction of the cost of ownership of alternate products