WP2P Repeater

The wireless repeater allows you to extend the range of QTech Wireless Point to Point WP2P control systems.

This short video provides an introduction to the repeater and it’s uses.

WP2P Repeater

The repeater enables WP2P systems to cover a far greater distance or to operate in locations with obstructions such as hills, vegetation or buildings. The repeater allows the radio signal between the WP2P modules to be diverted around or over the obstruction, essentially allowing the system to “see” around corners.
Each WP2P module in a system has a unique address that allows multiple systems to be used in the same location. Similarly, the repeater module is also tied to a specific set of WP2P modules which increases communication reliability.

Configuring WP2P modules in a system to use a repeater is simple and straight forward. There is a selector DIP switch labelled “RPT” inside the case.

The repeater module needs to be configured with the same radio address as the modules – this is done by us prior to dispatch.

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The repeater can be used with both our Digital WP2P and Analogue & Digital WP2P systems.

WP2P Repeater

Antenna selection needs to be carefully considered when using the a repeater. The repeater needs to “see” both WP2P modules so it is unlikely to use a directional high gain Yagi. The two WP2P modules in the system can use high gain Yagi antennas if the distance demands it. Typically the repeater will use the 6dB Whip antenna for long range systems.