Bird control and bird deterrent systems are important safety consideration for airports and runways. They are also extensively used in agriculture and farming to help prevent birds eating crops and seeds.

Our customer wanted to install a remote control option for an acoustic system at an airport runway. We were able to assist with the WP2P and SMS Lite solutions.

There are many different bird deterrent systems and distraction techniques available including acoustic, visual, and explosive options.

Acoustic bird deterrent systems use electronic recordings of predator birds (hawks, eagles etc) or distress calls from the target birds. Of course, bird breeds vary geographically, but we also discovered that their sound varies by country too. System controllers must have an “AU” sound chip to provide the correct dialect for the birds and relevant local predator sounds.

While the standard system controllers perform random sound activations between dusk and dawn, we needed a way to activate the sirens on demand. A good example is to disperse a flock of birds prior to an aircraft starting it’s decent, and not to wait for the next random sounder activation.

The WP2P wireless point to point system is the perfect option for remote operation of bird deterrent systems using low power radio.

With a low power consumption and volt free relay outputs, the WP2P can be interfaced into almost any remote control application and is suitable for being solar powered.

The SMS Lite can also be used for remote control and these cellular control solutions are also used in animal welfare and safety scenarios. 

This animal welfare article includes sending text messages for pig and poultry farms.

If the power, ventilation or temperature monitoring sensors are activated, the SMS Lite sends text messages over the 4G cellular network giving advance warning of the fault and time to react.

Remote Control Bird Deterrent Systems