SMS Controller to SMS Controller texting

Our SMS Controllers can perform “controller to controller texting”, allowing a mini cellular control network to be created.

We were approached by a large New Zealand dairy cooperative for a cellular monitoring solution.

The recent cyclone had impacted the existing control system – the cellular network being used was damaged and became unavailable.

An alternate and standalone system, on a different 4G network was requested. This would provide risk mitigation and diversity for the crucial effluent management.

A strong 4G cellular signal was available at both monitoring sites and high-capacity battery backups were already installed.

The initial customer requirement included:

My situation requires the use of two controllers, whereby the inputs on the monitoring controller are matched with the outputs of the second controller. There are two analogue signals and six digital signals. I am wondering if the QTech SMS Controllers are suitable for this application? Can SMS controllers be used with any network provider by adding our intended SIM card?

The terrain of the site was also challenging. The massive milk processing plant sat between the effluent pump and the control shed. The site terrain would likely prevent a low power radio solution, such as our 900MHz WP2P wireless point to points (WP2P) being viable.

This SMS Controllers are easily setup in the “SMS Messenger” configuration software.

The customer downloaded the software and experimented with the functionality.

Click here to download SMS Messenger

See yourself the powerful control and monitoring capabilities.

Need a simpler cellular solution?

Then look at the 4G SMS Lite

Still highly configurable, but all set up is done by sending a few text messages from the master phone number.

SMS Lite - generator remote start