3G Cellular Networks closing

The 3G cellular networks are closing and this does not just affect old cell phones…
The telcos have published closure dates for the 3G networks in Australia.

It is now time to review all your cellular devices, including farm and irrigation telemetry.

3G networks closing is not “new news” as some 3G networks have already been switched off overseas.

We encourage you all to complete the following:

  1. Review what 3G devices you still use
  2. Establish a device replacement or upgrade plan
  3. Check with your telco for updates to their plan for your region

Please remember to check all of these in your business, on your farm and irrigation and control systems:

Auto Diallers – Do you still use any older controllers to send alarms for pump faults etc?

The SMS Lite is the ideal 4G controller for sending alarms and alerts.

Flow Meters – If they use cellular telemetry, has it been updated to use 4G?

Centre Pivot Controllers – Has the pivot control panel module been upgraded to 4G?

Soil Moisture Probes – If they use cellular telemetry, has it been updated to use 4G?

Tractors and Machinery – If they use cellular telemetry, has it already been updated to use 4G?

Building Alarm Monitoring – If it is remotely monitored, has the cellular device already been updated to use 4G?

DATRAN Australia has the SMS Lite, SMS Controller and CM910 Modem – all are 4G devices.

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We also stock cellular antennas, including the latest 5G capable device.

The 3G Cellular networks are closing – working with your service providers and making sure your installations and farm is prepared, will be time well spent.

If your modem and system is already 4G capable, no change is needed.

Please get in touch with us now to discuss how our cellular SMS solutions can help.