Farm backing gate controls

Backing gates are slow moving motorised barriers that control the dairy herd movement into milking platforms.

The motor drive units used are often water powered devices. Using water removes the need for long cable runs and the water also helps with the yard clean up.

A recent enquiry needed to add remote valve control to an existing water powered backing gate. No electrical supply was available for the valve control system and the control buttons needed to be in the dairy shed control panel.

The popular low power Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) systems were utilised.

Solar power was provided from our versatile RSS01 solution.

The solar supply provides power to the WP2P module and powers the latching solenoid on the water drive unit. The solenoid controls the water flow to the drive unit and uses the QTech LSD01 latching driver. Reliable radio communications is provided by our industrial grade antennas, including low profile options at the backing gate.

DairyNZ recommends these considerations for backing gate control options:

  • Install an audible alarm or buzzer to sound when moving. The buzzer could be integrated into the RSS01 solar enclosure.
  • Limit backing gate movement to a maximum of five seconds to prevent animal discomfort and stress.

The DATRAN Australis items required for this project were:

Qty 1x PD8810E-WP2P       Digital 900MHZ Wireless Point to Point Pair                  

Qty 1x PD9241                 900MHz 3dB Fiberglass Whip antenna                      

Qty 1x PD5414                    Power Pack 230V AC Input, 13.8V 250mA Output                                                

Qty 1x PD5801                    RSS01 Solar Station (Solar panel, case, invertor, 12V battery, mount)                 

Qty 1x PD9245                    Cellular Multiband Low Profile Antenna         

Qty 3x PD5811                    Latching Solenoid Interface LSD01                                                                      

We have previously supplied another backing gate control solution for electrically powered systems.

This solution utilised the Q48 P2P.

The Q48 P2P was selected as six digital outputs were needed to be controlled from the dairy shed.

The Q48 P2P was retro installed into an electrically powered backing gate system, as the existing control cable was becoming unreliable. The replacement cost of the cabling was high, but the likely downtime during the milking season was prohibitive for the farmer.

The existing waterproof pendant control was also reused in the wireless Q48 P2P system, which helped the dairy operators.

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