Network Gateway (INC)

The Network Gateway (INC) is a permanently installed and powered device that provides gateway communications to all IPC devices on a farm.

The INC is actively communicating (background polling) with the installed IPC’s via the mesh radio network or via direct communication with geographically located Repeaters.

The INC logs a record of its communication with the IPC’s and their last known status; such as last valid Poll, Battery state, Clock Error.

From the INC you can manually trigger communications with a specific IPC, where you can send a schedule (revised or otherwise), control the valve / solenoid, initiate a status request.

The INC interacts in real time with the IMS dashboard, which then allows users to visualise their farm operations and make changes to their sprinkler schedules from anywhere and at anytime.

As well as providing more extensive visual operational analysis of the IPC network and their state.


  • Stand alone or IMS connected mode.
  • Details the state of the IPC network.


  • Ease of system configuration.
  • PC connectivity option, data collection and records of systems function.

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